NC State
Council on the Status of Women

woman breastfeedingNC State has 20 lactation rooms throughout the campus. The list of campus lactation rooms below provides the locations of the rooms, information on how to reserve the rooms and contact information for accessing the rooms. See Lactation Support Guidelines for information about the requirements for lactation spaces at NC State and guidelines regarding paid break time, as well as the NC Office of State Human Resources policy.

The NC State Design and Construction Guidelines require that each new or renovated facility of at least 40,000 sq. ft. must have one lockable lactation room, which may be a dual-purpose room. In addition, the NC State Council on the Status of Women, in collaboration with the Architect’s Office and the Office of the Provost, began a project in 2012 to identify space for lactation rooms in existing buildings throughout the campus. The goal is to provide a minimum of one dedicated lactation room in each campus neighborhood.

If you have questions or need assistance with Lactation Spaces on campus, please contact Lisa LaBarbera-Mascote, liaison with the Council on the Status of Women, at 919-515-2012 or via email at

Instructions for Reserving Lactation Rooms

Each facility that is linked to Google Calendar and marked with the notation “Google Calendar”  may be reserved through Google calendar. For other rooms, information about how to access the room and the contact information are given in parentheses beside the lactation room location.

Instructions for reserving a lactation or baby care room via Google calendar:

  1. Sign into your Google Calendar account using your NC State email address and password.
  2. Create a reservation on your calendar and click Edit event in the event window.
  3. Fill in all the necessary information and then click on Rooms, etc. located on the right side.
  4. If “show only available” is checked, uncheck it. Click on the building abbreviation for the lactation room you want to reserve. The lactation room should appear in the list.
  5. Click on the room that you want to set up the reservation.
  6. Click Save to complete your reservation.

Map View of all Lactation Rooms on Campus

North Campus

  • Cox 122 (Google Calendar: COX. Contact: 515-2501, Jamie Barber or Claire Patterson)
  • Lampe 424 (Google Calendar: DAN. Contact: 515-7530, Christina Pucci, 400 Lampe); has a small refrigerator.
  • D. H. Hill Library 3202 (Contact: 515-3364, Travis Tyo, For access to the space, please ask staff at the Ask Us Desk.)
  • Thomas 3517 (Google Calendar: THM-3517-BioSci-Lactation-Room, Contact: 515-5711, Kathleen Wilson, 3510 Thomas Hall); DUAL purpose room – storage closet/lactation space.
  • Caldwell M9A (Google Calendar: CAL-M9A. Contact: 513-7056, Allen Emory)
  • 1911 Building Room 130, dual purpose kitchen/lactation room (Google Calendar: NIN. Contact: 513-2670, Michael Chapman).
  • Poe 615 (Google Calendar:POE. Contact: 515-5514, Sarah Royce, Poe 208), has a small refrigerator.
  • 146 Scott Hall (Google Calendar: SC. Contact: 515-8432, Chelsey Coleman); Refrigerator/freezer.
  • SAS Hall, Room 5121 (Google Calendar: SAS 5121. Open unless occupied. Contact: 515-2528, Alison McCoy)  has a baby changing station, small refrigerator and sink.
  • Harris Hall 1010B (Google Calendar: HRH-1010B-Lactation Room. Contact: Stacey Davey, 515-1491)


Central Campus


  • Biltmore 1010 (Contact: 515-8846, Josh Gira)
  • Jordan Hall Room 5122 (Contact: Rachel Kasten)
  • Student Health Addition Room 1116 – dual purpose bicycle commuter shower room/lactation room (open unless occupied), Contact: 513-31729, Kathy De Lillo
  • Talley Student Center 4th Floor. (Call 513-8368, Rave Event Services office).

Centennial Campus, Avent Ferry Complex


  • Avent Ferry Technology Center 102B (Google Calendar:AFH. Contact: 513-0009, Gwen Hazlehurst.
  • Hunt Library room 1202, (call 515-7110, the Ask Us Desk, for access); has a baby changing station and a sink.
  • 3001B EBII (Google Calendar: EB2. If questions, contact: or; has a small refrigerator.
  • 2432 College of Textiles (Contact: 515-7585, Alicia Lecceardone, 3408 Textiles)
  • 2107A Toxicology (Contact: 515-2274 office main line,Toxicology Suite 1104); has  a small refrigerator and shelving for short term storage.


Administrative Services, McKimmon Center, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Administrative Services Building III, Room 355 – dual purpose telephone room/lactation room (Google Calendar: AS3-355. Contact: 513-3956, Pat Johnson)
  • College of Veterinary Medicine B104X (Contact: 513-6786, Janice Cofield, front desk receptionist).
  • McKimmon Center (Contact: 515-2277, Amanda Dillman); has a lock, outlet, and next door to restroom with sink.