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Sisterhood Celebration 2021


The Sisterhood Dinner celebrates the contributions and accomplishments of NC State women. It was originally called the Susan B. Anthony Dinner but was changed in 1999 to the Sisterhood Dinner to encompass all aspects of the achievements of women.

“Normal Never Was”

The past year has been one filled with challenges and hardships.  While these have not been the same for each person, we must acknowledge the harm that has come over the past year – some of which has been occurring for generations – before we can consider moving forward.  Many are seeking to return our society back to normal; in recognizing the impact of facing multiple pandemics at once, we recognize that normal can never be as it once was and that the perception of normal is one interwoven in a framework of misogyny and racism.  The theme for this year’s 36th annual Sisterhood Dinner will be Sisterhood Celebration 2021: Normal Never Was.  While we are excited to bring everyone together virtually as a celebration of Sisterhood, this year’s event will be unlike any previous Sisterhood Dinner.  We hope to acknowledge these difficult times, while also celebrating the work of incredible people at our University and beginning to rethink normal in a shared space.

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